Our Story

We’ve always seen each other around but we never really talked to each other. I’ve always thought he was cute and like him for a really long time. Until I told my bff at the time who was dating his brother. We became friends on myspace and I was moving like right next to him.  I had a bf at the time and he was talking to a girl already. But we were started talking a lot on myspace. And then finally he told my bff at the time that he liked me. But he wanted to stay away from me because I had a bf. BTW my bf at the time was horrible. Anyways, so yeah at church one day his brother in law kept calling me his name and I was mad at my  bff cause I thought she told people that I used to like him. My friend was like dude I didn’t tell anyone. Then she told me that he liked me. I had a lot of butterflies in my stomach. It made me really happy. Then I was mad at her for not telling me sooner. But anyways uhm.. so yeah after I found out, it was kinda awkward when we said bye to each other, like we both knew. LOL. But so yeah we made it official January 24th of 2010. Ever since then we’d been inseparable. We have our ups and downs but we’ll always have each other’s back.